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Hey YPCTCers: Would you invest $50 toward the future of high-quality journalism?

The following is a guest post from my friend and peer, Julie Warner. Julie is the marketing assistant at Warners’ Stellian Appliance and part of a fundraising committee for I am happy to have her use this space to talk about an exciting opportunity for Young Professional Communicators – Twin Cities and MinnPost’s annual MinnRoast fundraiser.


The risk of posing this question is that many of you young professionals might not. Maybe because you financially cannot. Or perhaps you welcome ”The Biggest Loser”-type elimination of news staff we’re seeing in response to their failing current business models online and the denigration of coverage that follows. Worse yet, you fit the apathetic Gen-Y stereotype.

Young people especially have become acclimated to getting information online for free, but you get what you pay for, right?

So when you don’t pay, what do you get? Dwindling professional watchdogs able to spend their time watching and online coverage more effective in motivating “clicks” than public awareness, to name just a couple.

Or at least that’s my experience.

“Someone has to solve this crisis,” I remember thinking countless times at my own desk in a Wisconsin newsroom, hearing staffers bet on how many hits we’d get off the latest salacious headline and unabashed gallows humor. “Someone has to try something new.”

MinnPost is trying something new: a nonprofit journalism website. And we’re talking dedicated, high-quality journalism.

It’s serious stuff. But MinnPost’s annual fundraiser, MinnRoast, is anything but.

Local politicians and journalists will be on hand (or should I say on the chopping block?) for satirical skits and songs at the Pantages Theatre Monday, April 26. (See videos from last year’s MinnRoast; scroll way down the page: In respect to our young professional salaries (or nonsalaries.), MinnPost created a special $50 ticket price to members of YPCTC who purchase in groups of eight. I can’t think of a better place for a young professional communicator to network and support a cause so closely tied to our own professions.

You’ll be joined by about 1,000 other news-loving movers and shakers, many involved in news, communications and politics themselves.

If I didn’t have you at “satire,” perhaps this word will move you: food. Heavy hors d’oeuvres from Seven and a free signature cocktail for the first 500 attendees will be provided at the preshow reception. (I’ll be hanging by the cash bar, myself.) And we’ll head back for free dessert and coffee once the curtain closes. Suggestions for the YPCTC afterparty now being accepted.

If you’re interested in reserving a spot with the YPCTC group, please e-mail me at, or if you can’t spell that URL (your e-mail won’t bounce back if you do, be forewarned), DM @YPCTC.

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