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Social media siesta

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You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been a bit M.I.A. from the online social scene lately. There have been some corners where I’ve been intentionally absent (like Twitter) and others where I just have no excuse (ahem, this blog).

While I don’t have a reason for my negligence of this blog, I can explain (or at least try to explain) my holding back on Twitter and other sites.

For the past year and a half I’ve made a strong effort to be very present in the social media scene for means of connecting, learning, and building my personal brand. The time spent doing this has been a great experience. But it hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s taken a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how I could make social media really work for me professionally.

When I started this blog, I think that was my initial goal: to create a space for myself that helped me fit in the Twin Cities communications and social media communities. And since my first post, I’ve started to develop a focus, a (small) readership, and a better understanding of who I am as a professional as well as brand. I’ve started to find my groove.

So what do you do when you realize you don’t fit with the brand you created for yourself anymore?

I’m certainly not a changed woman, but like any other 20-something, I’m continually figuring out who I am and what my interests are. Which means I have to somehow figure out how to make my brand able to evolve with me.

This does not sit well with my uber Capricorn-like tendencies to plan everything out in advance. And I think that has strongly contributed to my step back from social media lately.

A lot has gone on personally and professionally for me in the past few months. I’ve made new friendships, developed new career interests, and rediscovered some passions I’ve put on hold for some time. All good things.

After being so active online for a while, and with all the things going on in real time, it got to be a little much. Being constantly submersed in all that chatter can be exhausting sometimes. I needed to take a short rest from it all.

Social media is great and can be a powerful tool. My stance on that has not changed. And I have no plans to walk away from it. (If I had any plans of advancing career-wise, that’d be a bad choice). But, I think like anything you become so immersed in and passionate about so quickly, it’s sometimes best to distance yourself from it a bit and reevaluate how it’s working with your overall plan.

So, as of now, I’m making an effort to be more of an observer of social media while exploring new avenues and opportunities for myself. You might start to see some changes around here, too. Hopefully it will just be another part of this constant learning experience.

Kapeesh? See ya out there!

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    June 19, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    Hey Katie, I really appreciated this post. The social media sphere can feel overwhelmingly noisy much of the time, it’s important to take the time to evaluate – as with anything – your goals and your role in relation to everything going on around you. I’m glad you are able to say this out loud, sometimes it feels like everyone is just going, going, going at lightening speed and stepping back can be seen as dropping out. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

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