Ex Crushes: Jeffrey Campbell’s Fall 2011 handbags

For many girls, past crushes are…well…a thing of the past. And ones we’d rather not relive. Like that boy with the cool Airwalks whose name you scribbled on notebooks encompassed in a heart in 5th grade. Or that older boy in high school that was really only worth your attention because he had a car. Or that bartender in college you never should have talked to in the first place. We’ve all been there…

And instead of filing all the memories of these boys in the “never speak of his name again” folder, Jeffrey Campbell decided to honor them with a line of handbags. I mean, why not?

Check out of few of my favorites from the “Ex Crushes” Fall 2011 line:

Sneak Out


All Night


That was fun. Fringe and animal-esque print never fail to get my attention.

If you could name a purse after an ex-crush, what would it be?

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