Christopher Straub Spring 2012 show

I had the pleasure of attending the debut of Christopher Straub’s spring 2012 line at the Westin Edina Galleria yesterday. I got a sneak peek of some of his pieces at the 96.3 NOW show last month so was eager to see the full collection.

Proceeds from the night benefitted the Child Neurology Foundation and the sweetest part of the show was when Straub took the stage with Maya – a girl who is dealing with neurological issues and who he dedicated the show to (she’s wearing a Straub original, btw).  She was so cute and pretty much stole the show.

Straub described his collection as a day in a life spent under the sea. You definitely got the sea urchin feel with some of his looks. Especially this one (styled with Black Swan makeup?):

I’m not sure how one would sit down in this number. Clearly this was one of his more avante garde pieces, but this patteren was also used in a few more everyday looks as well. If Ursula were an everyday woman, I would think she’d wear something like this:

I wasn’t particularily fond of the colored patterns used in this collection — the color combos just weren’t speaking to me. I was more drawn to the solid white looks. This was Straub’s final piece on the runway which I thought was really well constructed, super chic and incorporated a just a pop of his aquatic theme (in the back) to make this very wearable. This would look awesome with some bomb-ass accessories:

A few more shots:

I must’ve really been feeling the sea life vibe because I ended up topping the night off at Fuji Ya with some delish sushi. Yum!

Be sure to check out Metromix.com for more photos.

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