Weekend project: DIY pallet wall shelf

I drank the Pinterest Kool-Aid a while back and only just recently decided to attempt one of the many DIY ideas I’ve come across. I’m talking about pallets, people. Before Pinterest, I would never have thought of all the cool things you can make out of these seemingly useless shipping boards. Welp, here’s how my attempt at making a wall shelf went…

First, to acquire said pallets, my mom and I did some light dumpster hunting. You can find these guys behind just about any factory, industrial building, or retail store. You might get some weird looks as you shove these into your car but don’t let that stop you.

Second, I used sand paper (60 grain and 100 grain) to smooth down rough edges and get rid of excess dirt. Then I put a coat of primer over the whole pallet.

Added a couple coats of paint…

To spice it up a bit, I added a coat of gold glitter paint by Martha Stewart (the woman thinks of everything!)

Not gonna lie, hanging this thing was a kind of a pain. Make sure you have a power drill and heavy screws on hand! (Or in my case – a handyman willing to help a novice DIY-er in distress)

And finally, the decorations. I haven’t decided what I’ll put on here yet – but you get the idea.

Pretty cute, right? There are more pallet projects in my future. Almost done with a coffee table…stay tuned!

*Click here to check out my DIY pallet British flag coffee table

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