DIY pallet coffee table with a British accent

I told you this was coming. Behold my second pallet project:

And the final product:

For this table I just used tape, primer and spray paint. I had some help attaching the legs and also had sealant put over the paint. Pretty easy peasy! What do you think?

*Click here for to check out my DIY pallet wall shelf

And in honor of my new table, here are a few of my favorite (British) things:

Chip, chip, cheerio!

4 thoughts on “DIY pallet coffee table with a British accent

  1. a coffee table with a british accent? that’s nuts. i had no idea coffee tables could talk. i do love union jacks.

  2. That coffee table it top-notch and so cool; the British theme is something I really like, and that handcrafted piece would look great in my house. It’s perfect for my weekend morning breakfasts when I watch soccer on TV live from England.

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