Friday Finds

Friday Finds: Lohan, Frank Ocean and Lisa Frank nostalgia

Some things I’ve come across the interwebs this week…

Daft Punk and Lindsay Lohan collabo

For whatever reason, I’ve always been gunning for the Lohan comeback. Could a movie about surfing staring the starlet be the trick? Who knows. But this short clip of her upcoming film, “First Point,” whose score is done by Daft Punk is very visually pretty. How about those shades?

Frank Ocean – Pyramids

New 10 minute jam from Frank Ocean. Wanted to see him at Coachella but we ended up at the wrong stage. Oops.

Lisa Frank iPhone app will blow your mind

Yes, people. There’s a Lisa Frank iPhone app that allows you to Frank-ify your photos. Complete with different sticker and border options, this is about to provide me with endless hours of fun. I think I still have some of my sticker collection from (way) back in the day. But on a side note, I can’t look at this for too long before it gives me a headache.

Mr. Rogers auto-tuned

Speaking of childhood throwbacks…Late last week this video, produced by PBS, had the social media world bobbing and swaying along to an auto tuned Mr. Rogers. It’s a mashup of different show clips set to a soothing and slightly eerie song titled, “Garden of Your Mind.” Brought back so many memories (how many of you wanted that trolley or stop light in your room growing up?). Watch it and then I’d like you to answer: Have you ever seen a cat’s eyes in the dark and wondered what they were?

Happy Friday!

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